Our Approach


Life Planning and Transitions Planning are the most dynamic changes in the Financial Industry in decades.  Both involve adding specific process human side of change versus only concentrating on the money—the numbers—because they are concrete and easily definable.  We believe the need to achieve financial freedom and true happiness rests on making aspirations a reality, living, lives fully, and building relationships we value.  Money is simply one currency among many to enable life’s vision to become a reality.


Financial Life Planning.  The Financial Life Planning process is an in-depth, empathic discovery process that we use to uncover our clients’ most important life goals.  Our Life Planning is grounded in our training at the Kinder Institute of Life Planning®.  Peggy Frye and Joan Sharp are Registered Life Planners® trained by George Kinder in the Life Planning process.

Financial Transitions Planning.  Peggy Frye and Joan Sharp are Certified Financial Transitionists® and continue in the Mastery Program with the Sudden Money® Institute.  Financial Transitions Planning provides guidance, perspective, and organization to help our clients make wise choices while experiencing all the challenges and obstacles that come with transitions.  Transitions can be any life change such as divorce, death of a spouse or loved one, inheritance, retirement, sale of a business, heath issues, or other life events.  In addition to being a member of the Mastery Program at the Sudden Money® Institute, Peggy Frye is a faculty member training other advisors in the Financial Transitions Process.

Financial and Cash Flow Planning.  While our firm usually starts with Life and Financial Transitions processes, we still use a disciplined traditional financial planning process to ensure that money supports life.  We have a rigorous financial planning process that we complete for each client.  Peggy Frye has been a Certified Financial Planner® since 1996. Joan Sharp has been a Certified Financial Planner® since 2003.

Asset Allocation, Money Management Oversight and Coordination.  Glenayr Wealth Advisors LLC does not manage money.  Instead we coordinate asset allocation using third-party money managers.  If a client does not have existing money managers, we can recommend advisors.  Often clients wish to use us for Life, Transitions, and Financial Planning and keep existing long-standing relationships with their money management advisors.   In all cases we work closely with any advisor and money manager to ensure that money is managed to support life and purpose.